GAIA does not have an enforced Child Protection Policy across its whole membership.

However, there are many GAIA Instructors who work regularly with children and vulnerable persons and these Instructors are screened and trained to the highest standards.

Instructors who wish to work with children and vulnerable persons are strongly advised to undergo the standard DBS checks required by most organisations and employers. In addition to the DBS checks members are advised to gain training and certification in child protection policies and procedures as well as First Aid qualifications.  These courses are recommended but not enforced.

You can use the Find An Instructor Advanced Search to check an Instructor holds any required certification prior to contacting them.  Enter the instructors name and search for their profile.  Click on their profile and select the "Certification" tab.  There you will find information on their most recent DBS checks, current Child Protection training and valid First Aid qualifications. 

It is the responsibility of those hiring a GAIA Instructor for a purpose that requires DBS, Child Protection training and/or First Aid qualifications, to make sure all of the necessary certification is presented to them by the Instructor prior to hiring their services.

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