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So many fly fishing casts have been developed for so many fly fishing situations. 

Roll cast, overhead cast, single & double haul, single Spey, double Spey, snake roll, snap T, snap Z, circle C, underhand cast, skagit casts, Belgian cast, parachute cast, pile cast, wiggle cast, reach cast, curve cast, tuck cast,  hook cast, the list goes on.  Perhaps you've already mastered a few? 

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GAIA and APGAI Instructors can help perfect the skills required to perform these casts with maximum efficiency and minimal physical effort.  But as we all know, casting is only part of fly fishing. GAIA Instructors teach fly fishing techniques and because we have the largest network of instructors in the UK and Ireland, we're not just local, we can get you around. 

Perhaps you fancy targeting a new species or trying out a different technique?  GAIA and APGAI Instructors are there to help you move out of your comfort zone and put theory into practice.  


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Every now and again fishers want to do something different maybe fish for exotic species in some equatorial paradise or try for salmon on some remote arctic river.  There are so many fish to be caught on a fly in an amazing variety of locations both exotic and closer to home.

Grayling fishing

If the tackle requirements and techniques are completely different from your local water, say GT’s off a tropical Atol or maybe big sea run trout on some windswept South American tundra, you can bet your travel money that preparation and different techniques learned in advance will make it so much more fun.

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Throwing a shuttlecock with a broomstick in a high wind or casting what seems like a pound of lead with a double hander is not something that is easy to just pick up when you arrive at your expensive destination. This is probably a job for an APGAI registered instructor, so use Find APGAI Instructor to locate one near you.

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There are a growing number of fly fishers targeting coarse fish, particularly Pike and Carp so if you are struggling with the different tackle or basic knowledge of these species GAIA will have someone nearby to help you along the way.


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