Fly Fishing Demonstrations

Fly Fishing Demonstrations

Qualifying as a GAIA instructor opens up a whole new world to the fly fishing enthusiast. The knowledge that is gained on your journey, once qualified, can be shared with anyone keen to listen.  Engaging and entertaining an audience can be a highly rewarding activity. County and Country shows and Fly fishing exhibitions are the ideal place to pass on your knowledge. Casting & Fly fishing demonstrations are part and parcel of becoming a GAIA instructor and delivering a good one is a thrill. It’s all about giving something back.  Attracting new anglers into the sport as well as teaching the seasoned anglers a few nifty tricks is what makes becoming an instructor worthwhile.

You can start your journey towards becoming an Instructor today.  Simply click the become and instructor link below. It’s a fun and enjoyable experience, set your sights high and you never know, perhaps we'll be watching you demonstrate at a future London Fly Fair or British Fly Fair International Event.


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